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Swaggy Whales

Swaggy Whales is currently an unreleased NFT collection of 4444 individual and unique art pieces which exist on the Ethereum blockchain. All Swaggy Whales are high-quality graphical art products that offer their buyers to use them for both digital and physical scales.

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Listen to our story!

Once there was a titan called Oceanus I. Oceanus' treasure contained so many magical and valuable items that it was fabled even amongst Gods. When the Great War, between the Gods and titans, broke out, he didn't want to be a part of it. So, he decided to leave. He took his treasure with him and set out to live in the oceans of Earth. But, something went wrong during his landing. He fell to the Pacific, and his fall caused a magical explosion that created a trench, later known as the Mariana. Oceanus' treasure was scattered all over the Mariana Trench, and he was never seen again. The magical energy released from the explosion was about to change the nature of the largest life form on Earth.

A pod of whales was caught in the explosion, absorbing all that magical power and collecting Oceanus' treasure. They are not just whales anymore. They are something more; They are strong, they are wealthy, and most importantly they are extremely fancy. They are the 'Swaggy Whales'.

Rumor has it that Oceanus found his way to a new world at the bottom of the Trench. Now, Swaggy Whales are determined to see that world and be a part of it. They make sure in this new world, they will take their rightful spot and be an iconic brand of it as a community.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

We are all witnessing great changes in the world and decided to be a part of this new, exciting environment. Why not do it with some fashion!

So, we are introducing Swaggy Whales. It's a community-focused startup that is creating jewels for Web3 enthusiasts. What is exciting for us is to know that we will enable the metaverse enthusiasts to show their style anywhere with blockchain-integrated designs. In this direction, we will reveal our unique, limited NFT collection which is fully generated on Ethereum Blockchain. Get ready to see the swaggiest jewelry and accessory designs in the metaverse! And so we will be the biggest brand in the metaverse designing jewelry and accessories.

In the long term, we are dreaming of an ecosystem like the one below there,

A Marketplace

A marketplace where our different, mysterious, and special NFJ pieces can be exposed and purchased.

Earning Commission

Earning commission from traded volume for Mariana Club members.

Mariana Club Cards

Have exclusive discounts from partnered brands, thanks to Special Mariana Club Cards.

Supporting Opportunities

Supporting opportunities for Mariana Club members for their entrepreneurial projects by MCS.

Mariana Map

Mariana Map

0 FT


We are taking a mysterious road full of adventures. 4444 Swaggy Whales are ready to launch. Take your place and be ready to dive with them.

-8200 FT

Advantages for Holders

This is the deepest spot to dive for regular whales, but not for swaggy whales. From this point on, there will be lots of privileges for them.

-19700 FT

Metaverse Eventsh

We reached the Hadal Zone. Some might think it will be harder, but we are stronger than ever. It will be exciting and much more fun!

-36200 FT

Way to A New Era

We reached the deepest spot ever known, now it is time to chase the unknown and discover the new world with our swaggy style.

-3280 FT

Community Growth

From this point on, light can not penetrate the water. We will work as a community and expand our pod to enlighten our road.

-13100 FT

Second Project

We are in the Abyssal Zone. We need more terrifying friends to handle freaking creatures in here. It is time to create them.

-29000 FT

Digital to Physical

We are on the Everest level. We should plant our flag and celebrate our success. Make sure you have your special unique card with you and plug it in when you are on the way to the party.

Our team

Meet our TEAM



An entrepreneur who has been involved and invested in many projects. An investor and trader in Crypto/NFT market for 4 years. Originally an academic in medicine.



Lead artist of Swaggy Whales collection. 7 years of experience as a 3D artist. Specialized as character/groom artist and 3D animator. Formerly worked for Storm Studios and Disney.



An expert developer with decades of experience. For last 4 years specialized in Web3 and projects that implement the use of NFTs and Tokens!


Business Analysist

An industrial engineer with 7 years of experience as a business analysist in different sectors and companies.


Looking for answers?

What is Swaggy Whale?

Swaggy Whales are our swagtastic NFTs and citizens of Mariana Trench. Theyre unique, fully custom and highly collectible due to wide range of services and exclusive opportunities they provide. Swaggy Whales grant you access to Mariana Club which is the most exclusive jewelry brand for the metaverse.

What is a NFJ?

A Non fungible jewel (NFJ) is a unique digital assets that can be used for creating your style for metaverse. There are multiple collections with different styles. First collection of jewels that Swaggy Whales are coming with is Oceanus's trove.

What is the total supply of Swaggy Whales collection?

Swaggy Whales is a collection of 4,444 unique NFTs.

What chain will Swaggy Whales reside on?

Swaggy Whales will be on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can i mint my own Swaggy Whale?

Swaggy Whales are currently an unreleased NFT collection and not available for minting yet.

What is Mariana Club and what are the benefits of Mariana Club membership?

Mariana Club is the most prestigious club in this new world. It is the place where digital will become physical. There will be opportunities to create this new world with members that share the same passion. The benefits of Mariana Club membership will be bright as day when everyone starts trying to become a Mariana Club membership owner. We can’t wait to share our projects that adopted justice and decentralized management.